On 26th June, for the 2019 SDP Global Day of Action, interested organisations and groups worldwide are encouraged to collaborate and organise an action in your city to highlight the need to end violence against women who use drugs and improve drug policies for women from a health and harm reduction perspective.

To join this campaign, please print out the attached posters, which feature the slogan – “Women fighting back against the war on drug users – support and solidarity” while wearing something orange (to pick up on the international theme colour for eliminating violence against women).

 Poster templates 

There posters are designed so that you can use them directly or add your logo and/or nationally relevant hash tags. Alternatively you can produce your own poster using the same slogan.




In contexts where publication of identifying imagines could have negative repercussions, it is proposed that the poster is held infront of faces to protect identity. Ideally the theme of ‘solidarity and support’ will also protect participants as those involved are not only women who use drugs, but also others who support the campaign. In all cases, participants agree the image will be reproduced to highlight the international scale of reaction by women against the war on drugs. Dissemination targets will be relevant UN agencies, women’s networks and drug policy forums.

On the 26th or by June 27, please email your photos back to [email protected] .

You are encouraged to invite media to hear and receive statements from your organisation/s. Also attached is an optional press release that can be used or adapted to context in your city.

Press release.

Building from a growing consensus among women who use drugs globally, today June 26, “Support Don’t Punish’ day is also being used to highlight the particular demands of women who use drugs as follows:

 Create gender responsive comprehensive services and policy environments that are non-judgemental, nondiscriminatory, safe, relevant and supportive for women who use drugs in all their diversity

Small grants

The Women and Harm Reduction International Network (WHRIN) is providing a small number of grants (up to USD 500) to support additional activities attached to thie SDP campaign. The nature of these activities would be limited only by the creativity of the organisations or groups involved.

Please send a short outline (maximum 300 words) along with a simple budget outline in USD byWednesday June 5 to [email protected]. Selections will be based on apparent potential impact, geographic range, leading involvement of women who use drugs and the absence of other campaign funds.