An informative and collaborative workshop that explains and explores the rationale and repercussions of the US federal Child Abuse Prevention Treatment Act and the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. The first section explores the political and social context (think Crack-kids and Oxytots) of ‘family regulation’ and its methods of the regulation, surveillance and punishment of primarily poor women of colour; data collected from three hospitals in New York shows how women of colour are routinely tested for drugs during their pregnancy and/or immediately following childbirth, despite no medical reason or legal requirement to conduct drug tests.  The second half of this workshop is great (48 mins) participants are asked to ‘Imagine what real support and care could look like for pregnant and birthing people and asked to contribute one word to describe it. Where would this occur and what are specific resources, we want to be available for our communities. When people need extra layers of support can we imagine alternatives to the family regulation system”? Worth watching not just for the responses but tips on how to conduct an engaging online workshop.