This report updates Release’s previous reporting on ‘Take-home Naloxone in England: 2016/17’ and presents novel findings on take-home naloxone provision in custodial settings, such as in prisons, across England for the period 2017/18.

Release surveyed each of the 152 local authority areas in England, as local authorities are responsible for commissioning drug services, which give out take-home naloxone. The report includes findings on the availability of take-home naloxone across local authority areas, the scale of take-home naloxone supply in community settings, and coverage among people who use opiates and opiate clients in drug treatment.

Release also collected information on take-home naloxone in 109 prisons across England. This report also includes findings on the prisons giving out take-home naloxone to people when they are reelased from their custody.

The report mainly highlights national-level findings on take-home naloxone. For findings on provision, coverage, and availability of take-home naloxone in each local authority and prison in England, please refer to the interactive maps below.

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