Although this ‘tool kit’ refers to service providers and laws in New York, the advice provided is universal in its goal: the rights of pregnant women who use drugs to unbiased information and access to services to support them and their family during pregnancy/abortion/miscarriage/child birth and parenting.  The document provides a range of information which is presented in an easy to read and understand format.  The information is of value to women, their partners/extended family and friends and people working with these women to be better informed about options available for women.

Topics range from establishing effective communication skills and relationships with staff/officials/other mothers/partners, to dietary and nutritional advice; impacts of various substances during pregnancy and breast feeding; the legal rights of pregnant women/women with children; how to be proactive with whom private and personal information is disclosed and the rights of women to confidentiality; comparisons of treatment options/interventions during pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum and their interactions with various substances.  In addition to practical information the document provides an extensive list of services that are supportive of women who use drugs.