“Support Don’t Punish” is a global grassroots-centred initiative in support of harm reduction and drug policies that prioritise public health and human rights. The campaign seeks to put harm reduction on the political agenda by strengthening the mobilisation capacity of affected communities and their allies, opening dialogue with policy makers, and raising awareness among the media and the public.

This year, a number of organisations and groups led by or meaningfully involving women who use drugs around the world organised actions to highlight the need to end violence against, and improve drug policies for women from a health and harm reduction perspective. To unify the global campaign, WHRIN collaborated with a number of regional and national level networks using the slogan “Women fighting back against the war on drug users – support and solidarity” as well as the colour orange (to pick up on the international theme colour for eliminating violence against women, to help create spaces to highlight access to health and human rights for women who use drugs. In addition, an optional press release was prepared for local adaptation and participants were encouraged to invite media to hear and receive statements from their organisation/s.

SDP women 2019 summary of activity