On 26th June, for the Support don’t Punish 2020 Global Day of Action, WHRIN encourages interested organisations and groups to organise an action to highlight the need to improve drug policies and services for women who use drugs from a health and harm reduction perspective.

To unify this campaign, please make use of part or all of the campaign ‘kit’ (poster, press release, slogan, application or action record) hyperlinked in this notice.

Given the COVID19 isolation environment, actions cannot include marches or interface in live groups, so participants can look to other possibilities such as through use of social media, webinars, sending press release/statement to media, parliamentarians …, strategic poster mail out, creating a podcast, etc …

The poster, featuring the slogan – “Stop the war on women who use drugs. Invest in harm reduction services that work for women”  can likewise be translated and adapted for your country.

(please write to rlbirgin@yahoo.com.au if you need the translatable version).

The optional press release/statement can be translated, adapted and have your logo added.

Your action plan or small grant application can be found here.

Those participating are asked to provide a short campaign summary which will be compiled to showcase the global scale of this need – targeting UN agencies, drug policy forums and via partner harm reduction, drug policy and women’s agencies.

Many thanks for your involvement and support!