We are pleased to announce that WHRIN (the women and harm reduction international network) and EuroNPUD (the European network of people who use drugs) are collaborating on the 2020 campaign to eliminate violence against women who use drugs. This collaboration will expand scale and scope for the campaign, which runs from November 25, culminating on December 10, international human rights day.

To unite the global campaign, the collaborating networks propose the use of a common poster and slogan (which can be translated into a range of languages). In 2019, the slogan was: “The war on drugs enables violence against women. End the war, end the violence. Drug use is NOT an excuse for violence and abuse”.

 This year we are looking for a fresh slogan to unite the campaign.


The competition is open to all and women with lived experience of drug use are especially encouraged to submit. Individuals are allowed to submit more than one slogan.


Deadline for the competition is Friday August 21.

A selection committee will identify the winning slogan,

offering $100 to the author.

(If by chance, the same slogan is submitted by more than one person, the first entry will be regarded as author).


The slogan should be short, ‘catchy’ if possible and relevant.


To find out more about the campaign, please see the report from 2019 at:



Have a go!

To enter the competition, please send your slogan/s to [email protected] by COB Sydney time, August 21. The winning slogan will be announced in late August.