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  1. We all are aware, for everything that is really great and inspiring is created by individuals who labor in freedom. My freedom and my rights were violated for 28 years while I fought for my life in Kenya, chronically addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs; a mental disorder that has never been valued by the Government for any county nor National budget allocation neither accorded any dignity it deserves like all the other chronic ailments; even after passing a Mental Health Act in 2020.

    My family and the community discriminated me, my emotions too and totally isolated my entire self from enjoying any kind of civilization and happiness on earth. When they intentionally hurt me, I know and knew, that they were also hurting themselves, probably more as addiction is a family and community disease. It is finally when I let go of what people expected me to be and people’s perceptions of me that I was and able to be the true version of myself; that I am supposed to be, like in God’s eyes. It doesn’t matter if I am half crazy, or eccentric, or whatever it is but, I believe and know that I have to be true to who I was born to be.

    Panic and desperation lead me into bad judgment and desperate moves. This is the time to substitute faith for fear. This is the time to trust God to meet my needs and assist my fellow suffering women taking life one day with one need at a time using my survival skills positively. I know my possibilities are not limited by my past or by my present circumstances. I’m experienced and fully trained to examine any blocks that might be stopping my flow of service in the community.

    Many women have to live through these disheartening situations. This is not my time to panic; this is not my time to despair. I can’t lead the women if I don’t love the women and I can’t save the women, if I don’t serve the women. This is my time to act and end violence against women who use drugs!

    KENYA 🇰🇪

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